Modicon M241 Controller 24 IO relay - TM241C24R


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This product is part of the Modicon M241 range, an offer of logic controllers for performance demanding applications. This logic controller provides 14 discrete, 8 fast inputs, 6 relay, 4 transistor, 4 fast outputs with transistor, relay output. It has a rated supply voltage of 100V to 240V AC, an output voltage of 5V to 125V DC or 5V to 250V AC for relay, 24V DC for transistor, and an output current of 2A for relay, 0.1A for fast output, 0.5A for transistor. This product enables to build application intuitively as never before due to an organised screen design. Integrated connections are USB port with mini B USB 2.0 connector, non isolated serial link 1 with RJ45 connector and RS232/RS485 interface and non isolated serial link 2 with removable screw terminal block connector and RS485 interface. It is a Modicon M241 controller with 8MB for program, 64MB for system memory RAM, 128MB built-in flash memory for backup of user programs and a SD card memory capacity of 16GB. It is an IP20 rated product. Its dimensions are 150mm (Width) x 95mm (Depth) x 90mm (Height). It weighs 0.53kg. The Modicon M241 logic controllers are designed for high-performance compact machines incorporating speed and position control functions. This product is certified by CE, IACS E10, RCM, CSA, CULus. It meets ANSI/ISA 12-12-01, CSA C22.2 No 142, CSA C22.2 No 213, EN/IEC 61131-22007, marine specification (LR, ABS, DNV, GL), UL 1604 and UL 508 standards. It supports DIN rail mount. Achieve benchmark performance while increasing profitability with the Modicon M241 through intuitive machine programming with EcoStruxure Machine Expert, ready-to-use applications and function blocks.

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range of product

Modicon M241

product or component type

logic controller

discrete output type

relay, transistor

discrete output number

4 transistor 4 fast output, 6 relay

discrete output current

0.1 A for fast output (PTO mode) (TR0...TR3), 0.5 A for transistor output (TR0...TR3), 2 A for relay output (Q4...Q9)

discrete output voltage

24 V DC for transistor output, 5...125 V DC for relay output, 5...250 V AC for relay output

[Us] rated supply voltage

100...240 V AC

discrete input number

14 , discrete input 8 fast input conforming to IEC 61131-2 Type 1